Do us a Flavour, get a New Shirt, Gary

Sorry, couldn’t resist a crisp pun. Ok, you shouldn’t be taking fashion tips from football players anyway, unless it’s Zinedine Zidane or Fabio Cannavaro.

Here we have Gary Lineker attending a high society event. Judging by the board behind him, it’s a presentation of a new Walker’s flavour or something equally important. Why would otherwise Gary look so delighted?

Overironed Shirt

Overironed and Abused

Wearing a confused smart casual shirt to a media event is rarely a good idea although a bloke like Gary could probably pull it off, unless, alas, the shirt hadn’t been worn for at least the last two decades.

I’m not talking about the wobbly buttons, or the fact that they have been cross-stitched. Most people wouldn’t notice that. What, however, everyone would notice is the iron marks on the shoulder seams. This poor old shirt, I tell you, has been ironed and ironed and ironed… you get my drift.

If we’re talking quality garments, these iron marks appear no earlier than after a few years of abuse, so everyone can tell it’s an old shirt.

Get a new one Gary!

Expert verdict: Dud! 🙁

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