Denim with Bellow Pockets is a no-no

Ok, here we’ve got a guy who’s gone into a lot of effort to look cool (and has spent a small fortune in the process) all to no avail because he’s gone for the wrong type of trousers and the wrong size jacket.

Denim Pants with Big Side Pockets

Denim Pants with Big Side Pockets

And don’t get me started on those blue faux denim sago shoes. That’s just too much of blue. If you insist on sagos, get a pair of white ones but I’d personally wear white or tan tennis shoes with this outfit.

Denim trousers with bellow pockets is a crime. Denim is a stiff kind of fabric and it just makes you look like a dork. Especially from the backside. If you’re keen on bellow pockets, go for Camo trousers, which can be easily worn with a denim jacket.

Talking of which, our today’s fashion criminal is wearing the wrong size jacket. You want it to be a snug fit.

Look, I’ve even done a back-selfie for you. If you’re about to wear a baggy denim jacket, you better stay at home!

Snug Fit Denim Jacket

Snug Fit Denim Jacket

Mind you, it’s not easy to get one that fits perfectly because usually when you come across one that sits well on your shoulders, you find that the sleeves are too short. Not the end of the world, sleeves can be rolled up, but you know what I mean.

I usually get my denim jackets from H&M or Debenhams. You’ve got to convince me that one needs to spend over £200 on something that is just staple!

But even if he had picked a right-size jacket, he’d still be looking like a dork because the back seams on this model are not where they should be. The seams should cross your shoulderblades!

In his case, the seams are trying to crawl beneath his armpits leaving a baggy, humpy impression. When it comes to denim jackets, sharp lines, darlings, sharp lines!!!

Expert verdict: Dud! 🙁

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