Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions

Terms – this document. When visitor accepts these Terms, they become legally binding.

Services – the features that are provided by Swagger Paper and that are used by the visitors according to these Terms.

Content – all textual and visual material displayed on Swagger Paper.

Visitor – an individual or an entity who uses the Services.

We, us, our – Swagger Paper as an entity and as staff.

You, your – the visitor as a user of Services

  1. Use of Services

The Services are offered to the Visitors for informational and entertainment purposes. No part of the Services should be considered as qualified advice.

Hence Swagger Paper doesn’t accept liability for any monetary, moral or physical damage that may have been incurred by the Visitor as a result of using the Service.

By accepting these Terms the Visitors attest that they are aware that the Services may contain content that includes strong language and mild sexual content.

The Visitor may use the Services on a condition that he or she can legally make a binding contract with Swagger Paper. If you use the Services, we consider that you have read the Terms and accepted them.

These Terms may be edited without prior notice. It is up to the Visitors to check the revision date and make sure they read and accept the Terms.

The data and information the Visitor provides over the course of using the Service is administrated by the Privacy Policy. You must read this document before accepting or declining our Terms. You may want to read our mission statement to find out what we’re about.

You may view the content and act upon the ideas found via the Service for both personal and business purposes.

You may not capture or save any part of the Content without obtaining a prior permission.

You may not use the comment forms or contact forms or any other data input devices to post spam, non-personalised promotional material, hardcore porn, minors or animals depicted in sexual situations, hateful or threatening content. You may not promote any criminal activities or make statements about a brand, company or individual when these statements may be basis for libel. You may not use the Service to perform any other action that is against the law.

  1. Content

Sharing content

You may share content via Social Media channels (such as Twitter, Facebook and others), email and other websites providing that you credit Swagger Paper as the original author of the content.

Content or Authorship Disputes

The Content may occasionally contain material that is not properly attributed due to lack of information. If you come across such content and you identify it as your content, you may get in touch to correct the attribution mistakes or to request removal of such content. To be able to make such claims, you have to be able to prove you are the author of the content in question.

  1. Communication

We receive and read all letters both electronic and post but that doesn’t mean you are entitled to a response.

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