Privacy Policy

This document summarises the way Swagger Paper collects, utilises and keeps data obtained directly or indirectly from website users.

We are committed to privacy protection and best practice in data handling. The use of information that is provided by website users will be governed by this document of privacy policy.

What info is collected

Swagger Paper may or may not collect following data depending on how the visitor uses or interacts with the website: name, personal details, email address and other contact details, also geographic location and potentially some demographic stats. The provision of aforementioned information is optional however we don’t warn the visitors each time some data is collected.

How is information collected

Swagger Paper collects data in one or several methods. These may include:

Blog Comments. When the visitor submits comments to blog posts, some personal details such as name and IP address may be collected.

Cookies. When visiting the site, one or more cookies can be placed on the visitor’s computer hard drive via the browser. This site complies with the European Union ePrivacy directive Article 5(3).

Newsletter. When a visitor subscribes to a newsletter, the name and email address is collected and stored. This information is used and accessed by the Swagger Paper owners only and is not transmitted to any 3rd party.

Contact Forms. When a visitor uses the contact forms, personal data is transmitted along the message that is typed in by the visitor.

How Data is Stored

Swagger Paper collects and stores personal information in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998. By accepting the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy, you give consent to us handling and storing sensitive personal data. This information can be used for marketing and/or market research purposes.

All obtained data is stored on one main storage device and an alternative backup device. These devices are accessed by two entities – Swagger Paper and the server administrator.

Request Removal of Personal Details

If you think we hold your personal details and you would like to request removal, you can do so by contacting us via linde(AT)linde(DOT)org(DOT)uk. If you prefer a physical address, you will be provided with it on request.

3rd Party Content

We may occasionally elect to place hyperlinks to 3rd party websites and the visitors are advised to visit these links at their own risk and to inspect the respective 3rd party websites’ Privacy Policy as Swagger Paper isn’t responsible for Privacy Policy of any external resource.

This document has been reviewed on 16th December 2021.

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