Chasing Away the Sack Suits

Wearing clothes that are your correct size may seem like an obvious thing to do, alas, so many people still get it wrong by wearing stuff that’s too tight or too baggy. Both extremes make you look like a clown, so this time our fashion police will be dissing men wearing baggy, saggy sack suits.

I was watching a rerun of “The Chase: Celebrity Special” the other day (alarming, I know – I need to get a life) and I came across one of my pet peeves – a baggy suit. Worn by Jon Snow – a great guy and a massive talent but unfortunately known for indulging in suits that are two sizes too big for him.

Jon Snow and Rosie Marcel

Here’s another example of this fashion criminal caught in the act. Look at the shoulder seams, look at how wide those sleeves are with unsightly creasing all over. Yeah, and the waistline, or to be precise – the lack of it.Jon Snow Baggy Sack Suits

The key is to buy suits that are precisely your size. Kevin Spacey, for example, will spare no expense to get himself an awesome-looking suit. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a similar look.

I’ll fess up I’ve bought most of my suits in ready-made shops. All it takes is shopping around and using those fitting rooms. They are there for a purpose – use them and look in the mirror! If a suit makes you look like a potato sack, don’t buy it. Simple, right?Kevin Spacey Suit

Another great example of an older man looking great in a suit – Samuel L. Jackson. Both Kevin and Samuel here have gone for a fitted style.

How to choose the right suit jacket for men

When choosing a suit jacket, there are three main styles to consider:

  • Structured – influenced by military style, comes with padded shoulders (think Dale Winton)
  • Fitted – a jacket that fits the man’s body and has a distinctive silhouette and waistline. Also, the shoulders should fit perfectly and there should be minimum creasing on the sleeves.
  • Sack jacket – basically what Jon Snow is wearing and what no man on Earth should EVER wear (unless you’re really really big in which case fitted jacket may look funny from the back)

Samuel L Jackson Looking Dapper

What Should Redheads Wear?

But enough about men and sack suits. When you looked at the first picture, did you notice anything extraordinary? A girl wearing a nightie on daytime telly? That’s Rosie Marcel and I do think she’s gorgeous, it’s just this thing she’s wearing is making her a fashion criminal. Why, Rosie? It’s not only the colour – this dress would look equally atrocious in any other colour. The whole cut is completely wrong – the slanted pockets, the sleeves, the baggy fit… meh!

The age-old question – what should redheads wear? Well, certainly nothing pale. Your skin tone is already rather light, so you need an accent, and something that will make the gorgeous hair stand out: redheads should wear greens, blues, dark neutrals and… reds! Yeah, sue me. Redheads should wear reds!
Rosie Marcel in a Nightie

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Expert verdict: Dud! 🙁

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