Fairies and Working Girls – Linkedin Photo Fails

I occasionally surf Linkedin for some fashion inspiration, maybe because I don’t find it particularly useful for anything else. Recently I’ve come across several, shall I say “interesting,” profile pictures that have made my eyes pop out. Linkedin is a business network, right? So why do some ladies keep uploading pics that are likely to land them “clients” of the wrong kind?

Tooth Fairy

Fairy Costume

Fairy Costume

This lady works at a highly-respectable company in marketing department. If I were her boss, I’d probably invite her to a short lecture about corporate dress code. Cosplay and fairy stuff is cool and I can certainly see why she’s chosen this dress (btw I like the matching stockings) but this is not an appropriate pic for Linkedin.

Having a Fit?



Why would you upload a photo of yourself having a fit with half of your face covered with hair and the other half frozen in a sardonic grimace? The outfit is ok, though. It’s businessy yet not too strict.

Selling Yourself



Social media gurus often advise that you should be selling yourself via your social media accounts. Erm, I don’t think they mean this kind of selling. I have a suspicion they mean presenting your intellectual assets. As far as the outfit is concerned, this would certainly be a stunner at a night club, I love it!

Tips on How to Get it Right

  • No nudity. And I mean no nudity at all. The less skin you show the better. Exposed shoulders or cleavage may interfere with your professional image.
  • Your dog is cute. And so is your cat but they don’t belong in Linkedin. Post them on Twitter or Facebook.
  • No suggestive poses. Sit straight and smile. On Linkedin you’re hunting for leads and jobs, not for lovers.
  • A passport-type of photo on a neutral background showing you wearing a full corporate attire, no grimaces with a slight smile – that’s the winner. Stick with it.

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