How to Dominate Like Gillian Anderson

I was watching The Fall the other day. Unfortunately, the plot lost me after the first five minutes but I loved the cinematographer’s work and I’m quite fond of Ms Anderson so I hung on and I’m glad I did because it brought me back to a topic that I’ve been wanting to explore for some time.

Namely, why guys look silly in ladies frock while girls can afford to wear most of the stuff they find in a men’s wardrobe?

There’s something inevitably sexy about a woman wearing a mens shirt. Not a statement shirt, no, just a normal white shirt with a dark and formal necktie. It’s such a head turner!

Gillian Anderson - The Fall

Gillian Anderson – The Fall

Here we have a screenshot from The Fall showing Gillian in… erm… a toilet. Please accept my apologies and be assured I’m not a voyeur 😉 I’m sure you’ll agree this is pretty sexy. I mean her in a formal shirt, not the toilet thing… ok, moving on.

Ralph Lauren seems to agree with the Lady-Dandy trend. His recent collection is a slightly played-up variation of the tomboy dominatrix theme:

Ralph Lauren - Shirt and Necktie

Ralph Lauren – Shirt and Necktie

but even if you look at his creation from a while back. This sporty polo shirt is oh-so-masculine, yet it looks great on a lady.

Masculine Polo Shirt

Grrr!!! Masculine Polo Shirt on a Lady

And I leave you with a rather contemplative photo of Adriana Lima. She’s wearing a men’s shirt but she’s not attempting a Lady-Dandy look. No, she’s gone for a more feminine look. Top-four buttons undone (man, that’s almost as many as Simon Cowell) and a huge string of pearly costume jewellery necklace. Perfect!

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

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