Fave Styleboards – Lilac, Grey, Black and Floral

Let’s see which styleboards are rocking on Instagram this week. You can’t go wrong with a black set. Even at times when ostentatious floral prints are in fashion, black is always acceptable.

Sporty Black

This styleboard was created by @stylerenewed. I chose it because she operates with simple stuff that ends up looking cool and sexy. This sporty-elegant look will suit just about anybody. At the same time, it’s not sporty in the chavvy sense of the word. The jacket and boots only mimic sportswear while the white metal accessories and the oversized handbag adds a layer of elegance.

Black pants and jacket

Dreamy Floral

Fess up, are you looking forward to the Spring? Here’s some inspiration from @style_syco. She’s used a dress from @aliceandolivia Pre-Fall 2017 Collection, rings by @beuniki and British Style Floral Print shoes by @luulla_fashion. The result is light and dreamy and definitely makes you smile!
Floral dress

Lavender All the Way

Then we’ve got this lavender and grey jobby by @beautyfashionzone and I will go into more detail with this one because… hey… I feel lavender today. Light purple (or lilac if you wish) goes extremely well with all tones of grey and to finish it off with a white silky longsleeve is just genius.

lavender coat

And there is one more style detail that you simply have to try – grey nail warnish. This beautiful manicure has been created by @nailgarden. Check out their Insta!grey manicure nails


Finally, if you think your lavender period is going to last longer than just a weekend, try styling your hair with matching highlights. This one’s created by @personalisedhairdesign
lavender hairstyle

If you need more hairstyle inspiration, take a look at what @palesile did. To answer her question whether it is ok to be in love with hair – yes, if your hair is this gorgeous!

Purple Hair

So, which one was your favourite styleboard?

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  1. Very beautiful post and thanks so much for the feature. My styleboard is third set on the list; “Lavender all the way.”

    All the other sets featured here are very stylish too. Thanks so much for sharing.

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