Wearing 3/4-length Women’s Shorts is Not Cool

So here we’ve got a bloke wearing soft white 3/4-length women’s shorts. You’ll never convince me these were actually bought in the mens clothes department. And as far as transvestites go, this one had too little makeup to pull it off. You’ll have to trust me because I’ve blurred out his face.

Dude Looks Like a Lady

Dude Looks Like a Lady

Although I like unisex or even a bit of androgyny, shorts are not the best piece of garment to experiment with. It’s far from cool – looks like you’ve simply borrowed those shorts from your missus.

If we forget for a minute he’s wearing ladies shorts, it’s also the length. Men don’t look good in 3/4-length. The body proportions just don’t look right.

He should’ve gone for a knee-length Camo or linen which would make him look much better.

Although, shorter shorts are returning back to fashion. Earlier this summer Debenhams revealed that sales of short shorts have jumped by 150%. It’s hard to tell what is the trend going to be for 2015 but do check back and I’ll inform you!

In the meantime why not throw away your shorts if they look anything like the ones in the picture?

Expert verdict: Dud! 🙁

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