Floral Patterns Dominate the Pre-Fall 2017 Shows

The Pre-Fall 2017 fashion shows are the talk of the town right now. Essentially the Pre-Fall 2017 collections are a sneak preview of what fashionistas can expect from the official Fall/Winter 2017 fashion shows. Although these are aimed at buyers and insiders, it’s also good for the consumers as the Pre-Fall shows allow us to be ready and prepared.

So what fashion trends can we discern from these early shows? Well, I couldn’t be happier – large floral patterns and animal prints are in. As are lace and semi-transparent items.

Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion show

My personal favourite must be Valentino’s collection. All this governess or matron kind of style looks so fresh and actual. His floral patterns are not as oversized as Gucci’s. He is also experimenting with semitransparent materials and making another foray into the animal print territory, albeit with non-specific prints. You understand this is meant to be an animal print, yet you can’t quite classify it. What is this Autumn coat? Is it a zebra or has he discovered an animal that we’ve never seen before?

Valentino zebra coat

Valentino semitransparent dress

Valentino semitransparent red dress

Valentino green pattern

Valentino purple and blue

Valentino yellow pattern

Valentino ochra and purple coat

Valentino pink dress

Valentino pre-fall 2017 dress

Valentino black costume

Gucci – Clashing Accessories

Gucci is offering us a bit of flower power with a hint of clashing accessories. You wouldn’t normally wear a pink ribbon with a yellow dress but Gucci is asking “why not” and that’s a strong argument.

Gucci yellow flowers

Img src: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/327848047858590726/

Alberta Ferretti

This Italian lady is one of my most favourite fashion designers. I love what she’s come up with for this season. Flashy embroidery, oversize plant patterns and sombre colours. She even makes faux fur jackets look sexy!

Alberta Ferretti textured faux fur

Alberta Ferretti faux fur jacket

Alberta Ferretti embroidered dress

Alberta Ferretti embroidery


Dior – a Lovely Mix of Textures

This Dior piece again features a large-size print and is offered with faux leather pants. Similar colour scheme – burgundy is going to be big this Autumn.

Dior burgundy fashion set

Img src: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/485474034817744460/

So, this is the kind of garments we can expect in our stores and boutiques end of Summer 2017. Are you excited?

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