10 Fashion Mistakes that Make you Look Older

Choosing the right clothes and the right make-up can not only hide the shortcomings of your appearance (of course, I’m sure you’re fabulous anyway), but also take years off your actual tally. Equally, some fashion mistakes can turn a young girl into a vulgar old hag.

So, what things do you need to pay attention to in order to get a NO for an answer to the age-old question “Do I look old in this?” Wst fashion mistakes that make you look older?

Teenage clothing

Madonna Teenage Fashion Mistakes

Do not repeat the mistakes of Madonna, who constantly tries to embarrass her daughter Lourdes by wearing stuff that is only fit for a little girl? The singer makes a good job at looking old and absurd, deliberately showing off her age.

Hair too long

Tina Turner Hairstyle

Many women associate long hair with youthfulness and a short haircut with age. That’s one of the biggest fashion mistakes.

Failure to wear belts

If you have a perfect figure, the belts are not necessary, but in any other case, they will accentuate the waist area (that’s if you got one). Baggy clothes can be a costly fashion mistake and make anyone look older.

Frock too tight or too loose

In both cases your attire will draw unwanted attention to your figure. Tight clothing makes certain body parts bulge while loose one make you look like you’ve got something to hide.

Dark Lipstick

Rich lipstick allows you to draw focus on the lips, but too dark or bright colours can put an accent on the wrinkles located near the corners of his mouth.

Excessive makeup and black eyeliner

This is not just bad, it’s awful, because a thick layer of rouge screams that you are an old bag. Similarly dark shades of foundation and overdoing the black eyeliner can make you look older too. The more saturated black eyeliner is used, the more it ages you, as it draws attention to thinning eyelashes that many women try to compensate by a thick layer of black makeup.

No makeup at all is also a fashion mistake

There’s just no pleasing me, is there. Unbelievable but true: no make-up at all can also add a few years to your appearance. Why is everyone admiring the actresses who announce their “no-makeup” look? We can clearly see they look awful, so why not just admit it?

Too much sun tan

Too much sun tan make you look old

Sunbathing may give you a temporary rejuvenating effect and an air of Baywatch, however in the long run, on the contrary, the sun-dried skin will make you look older.

Trying too hard with flashy clothes

Unless you have an unlimited budget, concentrating on flashy haute couture clothes is a fashion mistake. Firstly, you can only wear it once or twice before you become the talk of the town. Secondly, colourful and designer-y clothes look great on the catwalk. In most day-to-day situations they make you look like you’re trying too hard.

Inability to combine clothes

At certain point we all need to unlearn what we think we knew about combining clothes. If in your 20s an embroidered T-shirt with leggings looked ok, women over 30 should realise that such a combination may not be suitable. At best, people will think that you have borrowed the clothes of your daughter. At worst, they will get the point – you’re just struggling to look younger. Combining clothes is an art than anybody can master turning your fashion mistakes into wins.

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