Top 10 Fashion Pet Peeves of Reddit Fashionistas

They’ve got an interesting discussion going on over Reddit. Someone has asked her fellow fashionistas which trend they hope would never come back. It has received well over 300 comments in the first couple of days.

Most of them are rather dull but some are quite interesting to read. Let’s look at the 10 trends that seem to be hated most. Mind you, this is like 90% American opinions, although fashion knows no boundaries, does it. Let’s have a look at their favourite fashion disasters.

Hi-Lo Skirts

Do you know these skirts that make you look like you’re lifting the skirt during a mad session of French cancan.

Hi Lo Skirt

Hi Lo Skirt


Unless you’re a Disney fairy, you shouldn’t really wear this. Even on a gorgeous girl like this one, it looks creepy.

Bubble Hemline Fairy

I’m a Fairy

Leggings / Yoga Pants as Everyday Pants

Probably the next most frustrating piece of garment after the Uggs. I don’t consider myself a particularly conservative person but seeing a lady wearing yoga pants, I just can’t help but exclaim: “forgot to wear a skirt, dear?” It’s just too slutty! Nobody wants to look at your camel toe!

Yoga Pants Disaster

Doing Yoga at Your Local Supermarket

Velour Tracksuits

Or any tracksuits worn off the track for that matter. No matter how expensive your tracksuit is, it’ll make you look like a chav.

Chav Tracksuit

Chav Tracksuit

Gaucho Pants

Even a gaucho wearing a pair of these looks like a dork. If you’re not a gaucho and you’re wearing one, you look like a double-dork. And if you’re a lady who’s not a gaucho and wearing gaucho pants, you look like… yes, you got it… like a triple-dork.

gaucho pants

Gaucho Makes no Sense

Drop-Crotch Pants

So you buy two turtlenecks and wear one on your upper body and the other one on your lower body and think you look real smart? I don’t want to disappoint you but I’m sure you know where this is going…

Drop-crotch pants

Drop-crotch pants

Studded, Patched & Tacky Stuff

Basically, anything you buy from Claire’s and 21Forever. Do I need to say more?

Studded Jacket

Grow Up!

Bucket Hats

Ok, Woody Allen can pull it off because he’s a weirdo (in a good way) but it takes a huge personality to be able to look decent in a bucket hat. I’ve nicked the bucket hat pic from Noisey. You can hop over there and check the original article for more tips on how to look like an idiot.

Bucket Hat Jerk

How to Look Like a Jerk in a Bucket Hat

Shoulder Pads

Not sure if I agree with this one. Me and Dale Winton are a bit of shoulder pad fanboys but I have to agree that it’s not a good idea to overdo shoulder pads. Moderation, darling!

Dale Winton Shoulder Pads

It’s All Right, Dale!

Bubble Coats

The fact that Tim Wonnacott looks good in a bubble coat (or a puffer coat, whichever you prefer), doesn’t mean you have to wear one. Most people I’ve seen wearing one end up looking like Michelin men or women.

Reese Witherspoon Bubble Coat

Reese Witherspoon is Allegedly the New Face of “Michelin Tyres”

Crop Tops

You’d have to have a perfectly flat tummy to look good in a crop top. Nowadays every muffin-top thinks she can afford to crop it.

Crop Top

Crop Top

Soo… what have the Reddit fashionistas missed from the list? Ugg boots? I bet the person who invented them was a misogynist. Low-slung jeans?

What about statement shirts? Should we send Noel Edmonds, CJ de Mooi and that person from Top Gear (no, not the short one, the other one) to an uninhabited island? Please add your thoughts in the comment section below.

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