How to Dress Down Like Craig Revel Horwood

When I say dress down, I mean by Craig’s own standards. We’ve used to seeing him all dapper and cool in a tuxedo, so whenever he appears on the streets of London, I’m like, WTF, where’s the bow tie?! I guess we forget that he’s a human being too and he’s got the right to enjoy a pair of cargo trousers.

Craig Revel Horwood

Streetwise Craig Revel Horwood – Fabulous Darling!

This is a very good example of urban casual look. It shows that you can afford this attire at any point in your life. It’s no secret that Craig is slightly past his teens and I think this kit actually makes him look younger.

Craig has chosen very well as far as the trousers are concerned. Some people tend to wear skinny stretch trousers with slim fit jackets which can sometimes make them look funny. I really like Craig’s silhouette. It’s a year-old screenshot from DailyMail but this type of style is evergreen…

Here’s how you can replicate his outfit

These “Airborne” olive cargo pants is a pretty good match:

Airborne Cargo Trousers

Green-ish Cargoes by Airborne

As an alternative, this Timberland item is pretty nice:



Or get a pair from an army surplus store:

Army Surplus Cargo Pants

Army Surplus Trousers


Then we’ve got the striped sweater in black and white. Makes me sooo jealous :mrgreen: I’ve been looking for one with a skull for the upcoming Halloween party!

The closest I could find was Tommy Hilfiger’s creation:

Striped Sweater by Hilfiger

Striped Sweater by Hilfiger

It’s got no skull but it looks good quality and at £34 you simply can’t go wrong.

Slim-fit Leather Jacket

Finally, the black leather jacket. It’s a bit more sophisticated and shorter than usual. It won’t be easy to find such model for men because for some strange reason the leather jacket makers think that all men are fond of baggy jackets or aviator style ones.

Grrr, I hate baggy leather jackets, they make me look like a Michelin doll 🙁

What you should be looking for is a biker jacket or a general slim fit jacket. The one from Topman is a typical biker jacket.

Alas, it’s not genuine leather, which is reflected in the price tag of £80. Ahem, by the way, you don’t wear a biker jacket on top of an untucked t-shirt #facepalm. Apparently Topman didn’t know that!!! 😡

Topman Jacket

Topman Faux Leather

If you’re looking for the real thing, be prepared to spend from £200 upwards.

This Pepe jacket sold by ASOS is great and costs £255. What’s with the T-shirt? Has the world gone mad?

ASOS Leather Jacket

Tuck it in, mate

As far as the crutch is concerned, this is an optional fashion accessory but you might want to wear one if you’re trying to get off with somebody who is known to be a compassionate person 😉

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