Find of the Week – Suspense Suspenders 43/2014

What I’m noticing this year when watching Strictly Come Dancing is that more and more men, both professionals and the stars, are wearing suspenders (or braces if you prefer the sound of it). They are definitely coming back into fashion. Aljaž Skorjanec, Gregg Wallace amongst other celebrities have been spotted wearing a pair.

Aljaž Skorjanec Suspenders

Aljaž Skorjanec Busting a Move in Suspenders

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace Telling Another Joke

Halloween Suspenders

Since it’s Halloween approaching, I did a bit of a rummage and dug out these scare examples of suspenders.

Scary Suspenders American Style

Scary Suspenders American Style

The biggest authority in the current suspender market is the American Suspender Store. They do international shipping and their stuff is made locally, not your usual Chinese crap. Some of the models are just amazing.

If you’re looking for something more outrageous for this Halloween, try these:

Gangster Braces

Gangsta Braces

Gansta Braces

Nightmare Before Xmas

Nightmare Before Xmas

Nightmare Before Xmas

Suspenders for All Occasions

Suspenders span a wide range of styles and combinations. You can sport them on a dance floor, wear them for a gangster look, but you can also go all frivolous and happy with a more casual summery look.

This video is 30 years old and shows the great Freddy Mercury wearing his red braces with a printed T-shirt and white pair of jeans. Looks amazing. Who’s going to be brave and wear this outfit 30 years on?

So, what do you think? Have you got any vintage susps left in the wardrobe?

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