Throwback Thursday – 2010 Victoria Beckham’s Spring Show

So, this time we’re time-travelling back to 2010 to look at Victoria Beckham’s Spring collection that she presented at the New York fashion week. It was one of her first outings on the big runway and it was a massive success.

Victoria Beckham Cocktail Dress New York Fashion Week 2010

That year we had minimalism and slimming lines at the top of trends and Victoria Beckham had done her homework. All her cocktail dresses were minimal, understated and, in fact, designed to achieve a slimming effect.

Although it’s quite hard to pinpoint the events or factors that make a fashion designer successful, I’ll stick my neck out there and say that Victoria Beckham turned from yet another celebrity with a fashion label into a real fashion designer right there in 2010 New York Fashion week.

Not only she had nailed the minimalist style memo, she showed versatility and quality that convinced even the hardest fashion critics.

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