What Boots Can Petite Ladies Wear

This is the age-old debate and the myth that goes with it. Can shorter ladies wear knee-high boots? Of course they can but they might want to avoid looking like a pixie (unless you go to a fancy-dress party and your partner is dressed as a leprechaun).

Our today’s fashion criminal has got it wrong at least on two fronts.

Firstly it’s the boot itself. They’re the wrong type and the wrong fit. Petite ladies should go for a snug fit.

Short Ladies Wearing Boots

Wrong Combo

If you can clap on a pair of boots without your eyes popping out, you’ve got the wrong pair.

This one looks like she’s borrowed equestrian kit from her big sis. Don’t forget about the heels. This is a fundamental fashion rule – a shorter lady should wear high-heel boots, or wear no boots at all.

Secondly its the ensemble. Who made you think you could wear a long trench coat with knee-high boots? Well, here’s the news – if there’s not much of you vertically, you must not!

Any jacket, jumper or coat that extends past your waistline will make you look silly. I’ll give you a hint – those short scant denim jackets weren’t invented without a purpose.

Buy one! It’ll look amazing with tall boots. In other words, the further away the top of the shaft from the hemline of the jacket, the more slender you look.

Petite ladies should wear knee-high boots (not over the knee, though, you’re not going fishing, dear) as long as they get the right fit and the right ensemble. Case closed!

Expert verdict: Dud! 🙁

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